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Arzu Taylan Ersoz

Contemporary Artist | Arts Teacher | Illustrator

Arzu Taylan Ersoz, an accomplished multi-talented artist, was born in Çine district of Aydın, Türkiye. Her educational journey began in Bodrum, where she completed her high school education. With a determined spirit and a thirst for artistic excellence, she pursued higher education at Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Education, Buca, Izmir. Here, she graduated from the distinguished Department of Art Teaching, specializing in Graphics and Painting.

Arzu's path as a Visual Arts instructor commenced in Aksaray and Istanbul districts, reflecting her unwavering commitment to imparting creative wisdom. This journey eventually led her to Izmir, where she continued to elevate young minds through the captivating world of artistry. In 2017, she embraced a new chapter in Istanbul, where she not only continued her role as a Visual Arts Instructor but also pursued her own artistic endeavors in painting.

Within her artistic narrative, Arzu intricately addresses the profound concept of "woman." Her works echo the struggles, pressures, and injustices faced by women while also celebrating their resilience and human essence, entwining these narratives with the ever-present elements of place and nature.
In her creations, Arzu ingeniously unravels stories. She delves into the tale of humanity's genesis—the primal act of eating the apple—and ventures into the depths of power dynamics, fragility, and decay. Through evocative imagery, she explores the deformities that plague our values, the intrinsic human drive to hide them with vibrant colors, and the ensuing chaos that emerges from this paradoxical endeavor.

Arzu Taylan Ersoz, an artist who marries skill with sentiment, invites you to explore her world of thought-provoking art. Welcome to a realm where creativity and social reflection converge, under the guiding light of her company, Atelier Arzu Limited.

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